What is the smallest Caribbean island , we say Saba

What is the smallest Caribbean island , we say Saba

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If you were wondering, What is the smallest Caribbean island then you will find out the answer is the beautiful of Saba. The tiny little gem of an island is only about 5 Square miles in area and the island is dominated by the currently inactive volcanic Mt. Scenery, talk about a well named place. As
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Pinel Island St. Martin

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We where very please to read that Pinel Island is now back up to speed and open for business. It is a truly great place and we look forward to getting back there soon…. read on to see why. Most seasoned tropical travel adventurers are very familiar with St. Martin, Pinel Island St. Martin ,
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Snorkeling the waters of Antigua

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Many places around the world claim to have great waters for swimming and snorkeling. Many of the best places are located in the Caribbean and one of the best destinations for snorkeling in the Caribbean is the island of Antigua. This jewel of an island, located in the Leeward islands has the perfect features to make it a must
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Key West, Snorkelers Paradise

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It would be hard to find a true beach love who, even if they haven’t been there is in love with the Florida Keys. This long curving strand of small islands, starting at Key Largo and ending 90 miles from Cube at Key West has a well deserved reputation as a tropical paradise. Of all
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Snorkeling St. Kitts

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The beautiful island of St. Kitts has some of the most dive friendly water in the Caribbean. Unless you have a pretty large line of credit, you may suffer from a little bit of sticker shock to try to stay there. If you are a budget minded traveler you can still enjoy this captivating island
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Snorkeling off Bimini

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If you are an experienced snorkeling pro or just an adventurous and hopefully decent swimmer one of the best places to visit is Snorkeling off Bimini . This great little pile of sand is part of the Bahamas and is roughly due east of Miami. One of the most famous features of underwater Bimini is the
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Snorkeling in the Virgin Isles

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Top 10 Snorkel Sites in the BVI Sail Caribbean Divers provided information for this article Snorkelling in the BVI is one of the greatest pleasures that residents and visitors have to enjoy. The sights of the world beneath the water transport snorkellers to a seemingly unexplored universe full of wonder and mystery with strange and
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Snorkeling Shark Ray Ally Belize

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For the novice adventurer going on vacation, Snorkeling Shark Ray Ally Belize is a great way to explore the wilds of the ocean without a lot of training or expense. If you are a newbie to snorkeling or a seasoned underwater enthusiast, one of the best destinations in the world is just off the coast of Belize.
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