Sailing Antigua

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A real must do on the bucket list of sailors is to visit the beautiful waters around Antigua and Sailing Antigua. Antigua, and its sister island of Barbuda, part of the Leeward island group are a sail boating paradise. Dotted with dozens of bays and anchorages and protected by an almost unbroken chain of coral
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Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

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Of the many Carnivals around the Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is probably the best. And if you are looking for the wildest and extravagant parties, this year, you need to find your way to Trinidad and Tobago. The tradition of Carnival is wide spread around the world and is primarily centered around the build
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When is Fantasy Fest 2018

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When is Fantasy Fest 2018? …. I can’t wait TOPICS:Beach ReviewsBody PaintClothing OptionalFantasy FestKey West FloridaTropical Destinations Let your inner exhibitionist run free at Fantasy Fest. POSTED BY: MIKE CHUDOBA NOVEMBER 11, 2016 Well Fantasy Fest 2016 is over and the only thing on most peoples mind is When is Fantasy Fest 2018 . If you were not
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Outer Banks Nude Beaches

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The Outer Banks of North Carolina and thus Outer Banks Nude Beaches  are the line of sand that separates the mainland of North Carolina from the ocean. This beautiful stretch of dunes and natural beach beauty has grow over the years into one of the east coast’s top vacation destinations. The number of small towns along
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The Dark and Storm Cocktail

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The history of the Dark and Stormy Tiki Cocktail  , and yes there has to be a history for any classic Tiki drink, goes way back to circa 1860. The Gosling family of Bermuda was busy growing there rum business. In 1806 James Gosling, a recent immigrant to the tiny island of Bermuda started perfecting
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Fog Cutter tiki cocktail classic

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The Tiki Bar Classic, Fog cutter is a drink that if you have tried one, it probably wasn’t the classic recipe. The story of the Fog Cutter is the story of the Tiki world… filled with mystery and quite a bit of industrial espionage. One story goes that Tony Ramos, the lead bartender at the
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Bucket List Jet Blast St. Maarten stlye

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So you want to play in the Jet blast St. Maarten style here’s how to do it. Nestled in the beautiful Caribbean is the perfect little island of St. Maartin. Except for a few lucky sailors the vast majority of people coming to this tiny island nation come through Princess Juliana International Airport. Since St. Maarten
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