What is Pisco ?

What is Pisco ?

What is Pisco ?

Many people have been asking What is Pisco recently. The answer is, it is one of the hot new liquires that the Tiki culture is embracing. New may be a bit of a stretch as Pisco has be the preferred drink in Peru and Chile for centuries. Back, oh lets say 500 years or so, the Spanish colonists realized that it would be a lot easier to make their own hard liquor from the abundant local grapes than try to import the stuff all the way from Europe…. and thus we have Pisco. While pretty much the national drink of its homeland, Pisco was virtually unknown to the rest of the world until the current Tiki revival started. Looking for new and versatile liqueurs to liven up their new drink recipes many Tiki Bartenders discovered that Pisco is a great base for a good cocktail. While it is similar to Grappa in concept, the flavor, as in most liquors can vary widely depending on region and maker. The Pisco we tend to gravitate to is light and has a slight Tequilaish flavor. More than that in the way of flavor we can only say, drink the tea. Below we have included a recipe using Pisco, so when someone asks What is Pisco ? you will be able to WOW then with you vast knowledge and cocktail experience.

Our personal Favorite:

The Fuzzy Hamster

1 1/4 oz. of Pisco

1 oz.  medium dark rum we highly recommend Matusalem Gran Reserva  ….. it is a truly great and versatile rum (Terry).

1 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz.. Orgeat

1/4 oz. lime juice

What is Pisco ?

Well it is pretty simple. Pisco is a new taste that is easy to add to your drink mix routine. We at Buffet Beach are sure you will have a lot of fun sampling and experimenting on….ah, we mean with all of your friends.


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