What is the smallest Caribbean island , we say Saba

What is the smallest Caribbean island , we say Saba

What is the smallest Caribbean island , we say Saba

If you were wondering, What is the smallest Caribbean island then you will find out the answer is the beautiful of Saba. The tiny little gem of an island is only about 5 Square miles in area and the island is dominated by the currently inactive volcanic Mt. Scenery, talk about a well named place. As a point of interest Mt. Scenery is the highest point of all the Netherlands. This quaint spec of Dutch territory has a population of give or take 2000 peeps and only 4 towns/villages. If you are looking foe a quit unique vacation Saba is probably the most under the radar destination you will never forget.

The island swapped hands many times in the past between France, England and the Dutch, finally ending up a Dutch possession in the early 1800s. during these boisterous early years Saba was the home of many a smuggler and pirate. One of the more famous of which  was Hiram Beakes. With all of their men off pillaging and plundering the women took to making lace and Saba is to this day known for its beautiful lace work, named, of course Saba Lace.

Saba has only one road and just like Mt. Scenery it is very appropriately named “The Road”, I guess when you only have one, who needs to be creative?

Quite adventure on Saba

For such a small and quite little island, Saba maintains the perfect balance of originality and amenities. With several very nice boutique hotels and charming Air B&Bs you can find a wonderful place to stay without having to do the 1200 room mega resort thing. The main languages spoken are English and Dutch and the currency is the green back. As far as things to do there aren’t many world class beaches and if you want an allover tan your best bet is St. Barts, Grand Saline. The scuba and snorkeling and scuba diving on Saba are fantastic. The mountainous terrain and lush vegetation mean you can spend days just exploring. So remember, when someone asks, What is the smallest Caribbean island ? the best answer is Saba, it was beautiful, you should go.



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