What is the smallest Caribbean island , we say Saba


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What is the smallest Caribbean island , we say Saba

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If you were wondering, What is the smallest Caribbean island then you will find out the answer is the beautiful of Saba. The tiny little gem of an island is only about 5 Square miles in area and the island is dominated by the currently inactive volcanic Mt. Scenery, talk about a well named place. As
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What is Pisco ?

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Many people have been asking What is Pisco recently. The answer is, it is one of the hot new liquires that the Tiki culture is embracing. New may be a bit of a stretch as Pisco has be the preferred drink in Peru and Chile for centuries. Back, oh lets say 500 years or so, the
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Ruby Relaxer , Tropical Cocktail

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The Ruby Relaxer , Tropical Cocktail is an easy to make and fruity cocktail that is sure to put a smile on your face and kick you in the butt if you aren’t careful this summer. Make one and enjoy…. at your own risk…. Ruby Relaxer , Tropical Cocktail 1.5 oz Malibu Rum 1.5 oz
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Clothing Optional Resorts in Tampa

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So, you are thinking, lets find some Clothing Optional Resorts in Tampa. A quick check on the subject will show you really only have two choices and we will attempt to give you some insights on both. As with most places in sunny FLA. Tampa is really easy and inexpensive  for either a long vacation or
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yummy Pineapple Sangria recipe

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The  Pineapple Sangria recipe is our new favorite summertime pitcher of fun. As with most Sangria recipes it is very easy to make and is both tasty and refreshing. The brain trust ( yes we do know the humor of that term ) at Buffet Beach had a little back and forth on this one about
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How to build a Tiki Bar

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Have you ever wondered How to build a Tiki Bar ? Yes, we know you have. The glamour, the mystique, the nostalgia all build into an Mad Men fueled desire to go back to a simpler time. If you are ready to start a Tiki Bar project the first step is to find the proper area
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Panama City …. a tale of two Cities

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Panama City Florida, located on the western end of the Florida pan handle, seems to have an identity problem. Most people under the age of, oh lets say 25, know Panama City as the go wild, party capital of Spring Break. Anyone who has been to Panama City Florida after the hoards of drunken college kids are
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Hawaiian Dream tropical cocktail

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Hawaiian Dream, a fruity tropical cocktail that is sure to please this summer. We like this drink for a number of reasons… it is light, it is refreshing , it is packed with tropical fruitiness and it hits one of BuffetBeache’s favorite points of  a summer libation. It is easy to make. Somewhat different from
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What is SPF anyway ?

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What is SPF? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor…. no rocket science there. There are two types of ” sun screen”, Physical and chemical. You have all seen the heavy globs of white stuff on a life guards face, that would be an example of physical sun screen, usually a zinc based product. If you want
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Hurricane Punch Sangria

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Here’s the scenario, you have a bunch of thirsty friends coming over and you want to have them enjoy there visit. Solution?… Mix up a pitcher of Hurricane Punch Sangria. A festive blend of tropical flavors, and of course rum, we can think of no better way to kick off a party. One reason we really
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